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...more FAN-CARVING, is a continuation of the first book. It is an 8 1/2" x 11" full-color, 144 page book with more in-depth information about fan-carving.

The book contains:

  • more in-depth history of the fan bird and its symbolism
  • more on the essential cuts regarding how and why they are made
  • more wood basics and performance, including moisture content
  • 17 amazing creations with full-scale illustrations and step-by-step instructions
  • emphasis on what mistakes can happen and why they do

$36.95 plus postage

Postage Rates*
(3 day delivery)
1-4 birds add $5.15

*NOTE: If the total calculated postage exceeds the actual amount, the difference will be refunded. For postage rates outside U.S.A. contact:

Fan Carver's World
2160 66th St.
Fennville, MI
U.S.A.        49408

Phone: 269.543.4755
Email: Fan Carvers World

Please send check or money order to Fan Carver's World. Michigan residents add 6% sales tax.

For MasterCard or Visa 
Phone Fan Carver's World 269.543.4755

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